Post #1 – January 23

I want to learn ways to stay focused and be able to read not miss things while reading digitally. Typically, when I read things on the computer screen I end up skimming it, missing information, or getting lost. As a teacher, I feel it would be important to learn how to stay focused since I will most likely have to read about thirty papers online multiple times a semester. Also as a teacher, I am reading these papers to give students a grade and it is not just an article for me to read for myself.

For digital writing, I want to learn the benefits beyond being able to edit and revise more freely since those are obvious things that the computer lets us do. What really is the benefit on transiting to learning more electronically? This will be good to know as I continue being in college since I have noticed my professors use D2L more often now than my freshman year. For instance, my first year all of my papers were due in class printed out. Now, as a junior, half to most of my classes have me turn my papers in electronically on D2L. By the time I am a teacher, my students will probably be very used to turning in papers on online. Because of that, it would be helpful to know how to structure online assignments to benefit my future student’s schoolwork and writing performance. This will also help me to know what to look for when grading or what to assign in assignments.


One thought on “Post #1 – January 23

  1. You ask a fundamental question about online learning: How do we structure it to best serve learning? This is key to designing spaces where people interact only via a screen. And then there is also the question of how do we use technology to deepen face-to-face interactions such as those in our classrooms. It will be interesting to see in the years to come how these two questions interact and veer off on their own paths. Good question!!

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