Blogging? Tweeting? I’ve only been used to Facebook.

Before taking Currins 547 I had no experience with blogging and Tweeting. However, I am a Resident Assistant and last year my staff created a Facebook page for our building. We used this to interact with residents online. We would post pictures of campus to see if they knew what that place well to help familiarize them to UW-Milwaukee. We also used the Facebook page to promote events we were putting on and then we would post pictures we took at the event for residents to see. This helped the turn out at our events because residents not only were notified for events by seeing posters (which most residents do not even read thoroughly) but by seeing it on their Facebook News Feed. Then, we were able to share pictures of them from the event.


The potential of blogging in my classroom seems to be beneficial. For example, students could write short stories and have their classmates comment on them at home when they would like. Students could do this and have a week to complete the assignment instead of having to have multiple peer editing sessions in class period. Tweeting would be beneficial for me as a teacher to tweet reminders for students, which they could look up by following a class Twitter account or a class hashtag.


Here is a link about 50 ways Tweeting can be beneficial in a classroom: 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

The first one happens to even be sending reminders to students.




3 thoughts on “Blogging? Tweeting? I’ve only been used to Facebook.

  1. I really enjoy the “50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom” article. Personally I like the short poem and creating a character for creative fiction. The first one is because the medium of poetry lends itself to short, concise statements (sometimes). The character is interesting because the student can immerse themselves in who they are creating and it can become unique and flesh out what they are looking for.

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