Online Role Play Reflection

In the online role play I mentioned that I was a parent or I was concerned about my children’s education throughout many posts. That way others could remember by role and understand why I made the comments I did or why I posted certain resources with my comments. I even posted a couple articles that focused on parents’ view of the Common Core or how parents can learn about the Common Core. These were helpful because they tied directly to my character and not every character may have an article that relates to who they are representing. By doing so, I also felt empowered by the character because I was able to have resources to support my character’s opinion and feelings about the Common Core. I also liked how there was another parent in the online role play so I could go off of her ideas to support parents in the Common Core decision. During the online role play I felt hindered when other characters would ask me questions. I either thought my point was not clear or they did not agree with me; therefore, I had reframed my point or tie it to their opinion in order for them to understand it.


I felt my views were similar to my character’s view. I know if I was a parent, I would want what is best for my children in their education. There are positives and negatives to the Common Core, so I agree there could be revisions but I do see the beneficial outcomes of it. My views did not necessarily change throughout this because I saw how the Common Core was helpful but, also, how it can negatively affect students and teachers with learning or teaching in different ways.


My advice to participate in online role play would be its most helpful to be a character you are passion about. If you are assigned to someone you are not passionate about, research how that character might respond in real life to frame your comments in the online role play. Since I enjoyed being a parent in this I felt more intrigued to be involved in reading posts, commenting on others, making my own posts, and researching various resources.


Online Role Play Character


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