“Mini” Digital Writing Project

For the mini-composition project I choose to make an infographic. Even though I am making a video for my final project, I thought practicing with an infograph would be helpful to get familiar with software. For that reason, my infographic reflects what my final project will be. For my final project, I am making a video of my family’s vacation to California, which will be a story told through pictures, text, and sound. So, my infograph is a road map of the family vacations that my family has taken with the last one being California.


The image of the infographic drove the narrative because it’s a road map of my family’s vacation with the last one ending at California; therefore, it’s like a preview going into where my final project will start.

The software I used to make the infographic is from easel.ly.com and the website had different layouts for infographs. I was not sure what my infograph would be about but then I found one with a winding road on it, which led me to make the one I did. I then put the year of the trip, the main location of the trip, and a description of what was seen. The year of the trip was placed on picket signs to represent when we were there. The main location of the trip is in a bigger font with a red background to make that vacation stand out. Then, what my family saw is smaller with a black background to give a description of the place.

To look at this from a teaching perspective, a teacher could use the same layout to teach students something. For example, it could be used as a timeline in a book that is read in class. The years could be changed to times in the book, the larger text could be the situation, and the smaller text could be the characters involved. 


What is an infographic? Customer Magnetism Digital Marketing Agency explains infographics make a topic engaging to learn about because there are visuals and short facts, versus reading a log description or an article. This link also has an infographic about what an inforgraphic is and how they are helpful. One fun fact listed is, “Publishers that use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who do not use infographics” (Customer Magnetism Digital Marketing Agency).



My infographic:


The software used to make this infographic: easel.ly





4 thoughts on ““Mini” Digital Writing Project

  1. I really liked seeing this because I remember you writing a story about one of your family road trips in our Creative Writing class last year. Lol! Anyway, it’s simple and cute – it’s pleasing to the eye. You’re descriptions about the process were descriptive and I love that you included what an info-graphic is. Great addition.

  2. Your infographic is very inspiring in two ways. First, you make the digital composition process look and sound so easy. Second, you make we want to take my boys on a road trip this summer so that they can look back on all of their fond memories of traveling!

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