Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: Promoting Deeper Thinking

I have not had much experience in digital storytelling or other forms of video composition. The only time I have made a digital video to tell a story was in high school for my Spanish class. We had to write our own script during our medical unit. My group wrote about two girls playing basketball and one breaks her leg so she goes to the hospital to get it examined. The video was only a few minutes long and was all spoken in Spanish. Using iMovie, we put each scene in order in order to make the final video. Text was used at the end to state our names.


In my classroom I can use digital storytelling to promote deeper thinking because it will offer a visual to the class. Instead of having students write a paper about a book at the end of a unit, I could have them create a video that highlights certain parts and aspect of the book read in class. This way, they will understand it better with a visual versus text. Also, students might enjoy this more interactive approach since it’ll be a different type of writing assignment than they are used to. In the end, it will be a break from pen and paper to sound and images. Then, the class can present their videos to everyone, which will enhance the class’s understanding because they will see various perspectives and thoughts about the books. They will see new perspectives because students don’t typically read every other student’s paper about something.


This article, The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling, explains the benefits of using digital storytelling the classroom. It lets students be more creative with their assignment; therefore, can help engage them in what they are learning more. Like I said earlier, it gives students a break of assignments they complete daily, such as writing papers.


Here is an example, The Great Gatsby Digital Story, of digital storytelling in the classroom. This example includes the background of the author of The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald), the history of when the book took place, similarities between the author and protagonist, and the story in popular culture today. All of these ideas were able to be explained in less than two minutes through multiple visuals and voice thread.



2 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: Promoting Deeper Thinking

  1. I also have not had much experience with digital story telling but I’ve quickly learned how beneficial it can be to use this in the classroom. I think it’s important to promote deeper thinking because a lot of times students are not asked to do this. I know in my high school it was mostly answering “level one” questions about the text rather than critically examining it. I think this resource can really help students think beyond a text – or outside the box.

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